Romanians are smart. And you don’t need a chocolate to say this. They know they’re smart.

For example, when they saw that Google results in Romanian are not so kind to them, they tried to Google bomb the results, to change the way Romanians are writing on the internet about… Romanians.

But what about the real deal, that is, the way the rest of the world writes about Romanians? Here, here:

So, instead of bombing Google to change the way Romanians are writing about Romanians on the interwebs, perhaps the self-obsessed Romanians should Google bomb in English, glossing on their smartnesss, beauty, good humor, common sense and other qualities that they display.

Or, perhaps, they should accept the fact that what people write on the web about any nation in this world is usually stupid. See the photogallery.

But no, Romanians are smart. Even when evidence is against them. They don’t care about facts. And this is the beauty of this people. :)

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2 Responses to Romanians are smart

  1. ada says:

    Very good. Is the only way in which we can change the wrong opinion about romanians. If the country is poor, this doesn”t mean that roumanians are stupid or gypsies. We are not. And if the gyspsies were established in Romania is only because roumanians are one of the most kind and tolerant nation.
    Congratulation for those who do something to change the image of the roumanians!

  2. Kitty says:

    Ok…I’m a romanian teen and I’m proud to be romanian. I traveled all the world. I was in Italy in a restaurant and I was kicked out because I was from Romania. I was in France in a hotel and they did not want to accept me because I had Romania identity card. I was in Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, Seychelles, Israel, Jordan and many other countries and they all accepted me as anyone of another nationality. A lot of people asked me if I steal or if I’m stupid because they saw that at the news. It’s not my fault that people judge a country for some of those who do inappropriate things. My question is “It’s my fault? I should be treated like a thief because of others? Why should I bear the consequences?”. I’m somebody, not a thief, not a lousy, not stupid, not rude.

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