Ia, poate citesc si importatorii si dealerii romani. :)

Back to reality
The industry over-invested in TV last year, especially for seasonal sales events, but the economic turmoil is bringing the industry back to reality with more focus on strategic marketing and media planning to improve targeting, said Mr. Ellis. The VW brand “will use TV more sparingly” in 2009, including for the launch of the Passat CC in mid-January, though he declined to give specifics about the TV cuts.

VW will dramatically beef up online efforts this year with ads, videos and content, as well as efforts on social-networking sites, to reach in-market shoppers and those considering a purchase in the next six to nine months. The marketer plans to do more brand-building online because “that’s where all the conversations are,” said Mr. Ellis. He said most of VW’s competitors also appear to be moving online more to reach in-market shoppers. Crispin, Porter & Bogusky, Miami, is VW brand’s agency of record and also handles digital.”

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Via Seceleanu.

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3 Responses to Marketing. Bugete de criza in industria auto. Rezolvari

  1. TheBride says:

    Pai ar cam trebui sa revina cu picioarele pe pamant si dealerii si importatorii. Internetul e mult mai bun pe criza asta. Sa ia exemplul celor lanseaza sub umbrela Panasonic Toyota Racing noul monopost pentru Formula 1. Exclusiv pe net pe 15 ian. De aici: http://www.tf109-premiere.com/

  2. esti, sigur? as vrea mai multa informatie daca ai timp.

  3. zvoner says:

    Pai voi de la janta.ro ati putea face multe pe online, in afara de link building pe bloguri :)

    Cum ar fi un program de afiliere. Incercati 2parale.ro si veti vedea o crestere simtitoare a vanzarilor, de exemplu.

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