Prima parte a seminariilor Internetics s-a dovedit a fi extrem de interesanta. Vorbitor: Paul Dawson, Experience Director Conchango.

Pentru cine nu stie despre cine este vorba: Conchango are si un website :) Clienti mari si ultramari. Leader in webdesign, conform Forrester.

Paul Dawson on website content management:
- Users now adjust search results. They don’t understand/want filtering.

- Website developing should take place around the user needs.

- To define needs you have to understand trends, user categories and to adapt to the cultural reboot.

Cultural reboot: old media shifts towards providing meaning, intelligent analysis and in-depth coverage. Niches are profitable, generalist media is not.

User categories (typologies, UK):

Channel Zappers 7% – influential, trend setters, zap through many information channels, are up-to-date with everything newsworthy

Social Uploaders 2% – Facebook fans, social networkers; they consume media as a way to create bonds (business bonds, friendships, dating)

Digital Authentics 53% – they spend time and money on all media, use several medias, overlapping them. They need tools to synchronize information for all these media.

Immersed Dwellers 13% – Second Life users. Techno addicts, massive online consumers. Living in the virtual world.

Media Explorers 20% – older generation, not comfortable with new technologies but exploring them for their needs. Slow to adopt new techs, want simplicity and use mainly old media types.

Digital content has to embrace different ways on each major information website to appeal to large numbers of this audience. Users should have the ability to define and customize the way they’re seeing the web content. Keep it simple yet use the latest technologies to enhance reader experience.

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