Ia uite cum zice nenea asta, mai bine decat mine.

Audiences on Demand: Demand side-networks move beyond the realm of performance marketing and begin to focus on delivering reach and frequency against a designated target, measured in GRPs (gross rating points). Clicks diminish in importance. The media plan matters a lot, because the affinity of audiences for specific websites deepens the impact of brand advertising. Marketers meaningfully shift their TV dollars online with greater confidence because online delivers something they understand and need to achieve their brand objectives. At long last, audience truly becomes the basis for both planning and buying online.

This is the best outcome for publishers.

I can already hear hoots and howls from online purists, scoffing at the thought of measuring the web using reach and frequency.  It’s about relationship marketing! It’s about harnessing user intent!  All true. But what’s also true is that TV continues to get the majority of brand dollars even as its audience vanishes. Demand-side networks selling reach against target could challenge TV to the benefit of buyers and sellers alike.”

via onicoara

Ziua in care vanzatorii din online isi vor da seama ca ei vand audiente si le vor marketa ca atare, adaptandu-si metricile si limbajul de vanzare, va fi cea mai frumoasa zi.

Mai ziceam eu ceva prin iulie. Poate ca pana la urma aude cineva.

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