Suna bine. Suna chiar foarte bine, daca ascultati primul extras de pe album.

Pe scurt, daca Martin Gore colabora cu Vince Clark pentru VCMG, iar apoi cu cei de la MOTOR pentru exceptionalul Man Made Machine, ca sa nu mai amintesc de cover-ul U2 facut de Depeche Mode, iata ca nici Dave Gahan nu sta degeaba.

Si se avanta intr-o colaborare cu Soulsavers, trupa care a cantat in deschiderea mai multor concerte DM. Soundul e pur si simplu perfect, matur, asezat, corpolent. Albumul apare in mai!

Dar m-a uns pe suflet ce a declarat Dave. Ce bine ca Dave ‘noua vieti’ a invatat din ce i s-a intamplat… din pacate Michael Jackson si Whitney Houston sau Amy Winehouse n-au avut acest lux. Din fericire, Dave isi foloseste noua viata cu mult cap si cu mult suflet. LEARN!

Dave: “About five songs in, I realised I was writing outside myself. I was having a go at myself, to be honest: my questions around faith, and God, or the lack thereof at any given moment. Sometimes I’m full of faith, but there are always questions. And I struggle with letting go of control of what’s going on around me. This album became very therapeutic. No restrictions. Coming out of getting sick myself, I found I HAD to get this stuff out of me. This music gave me the perfect palate to play with the BIG questions that we all ask when life becomes less about what can we GET, than: what can we DO? I’ve been very fortunate, and I’m privileged in my life, so I want to do things I feel really connected to now, otherwise there’s no point. Rich and I had both come out of something difficult. This is something to do with that. It was a wonderful experience.

ps. Depeche Mode se va aduna din nou in studio. Abia astept!!!

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